It’s funny how things balance out

Thursday: 10 hours in class/labs. Danced the night away to the lovely tunes of the Phonix at the Backstage Lounge. 

Friday: Hit by a car while biking in the rain. Stuck in the lab 2-8pm. Watched chick flick with roommate.

Saturday: Perfect day at Whistler, tons of snow, sunny and warm, fantastic ski buddies. Came back just in time to see the Punch Brothers play an incredible show. 

Sunday: Lab for 8 hours. Wonderful evening with roommates, including shrimp curry, wine, watching Elf, and decorating our place with snowflakes. 


Mocha, the ever flatulent chocolate lab.

ahhh this page. can’t stop laughing.


Mocha, the ever flatulent chocolate lab.

ahhh this page. can’t stop laughing.

Hehe yeah.
But seriously, this is a problem. 

Hehe yeah.

But seriously, this is a problem. 

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“You heard my voice 

I came out of the woods by choice

The shelter also gave the shade

But in the dark I have no name

So leave that click in my head

And I will remember the words that you said

Left a clouded mind and heavy heart

But I was sure we could see a new start

So when your hope’s on fire

But you know your desire

Don’t hold a glass over the flame

Don’t let your heart grow cold

I will call you by name

I will share your road

But hold me fast, hold me fast

‘Cause I’m a hopeless wanderer

I will learn, I will learn

To love the skies I’m under.”

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David Krumholtz (10 Things I Hate About You) is not Jake M. Johnson (New Girl)?!


I know most tumblypoos aren’t old enough to remember with me, but when I was in high school, this was unimaginable. I mean that literally: I could not imagine it.

The President of the United States did not say the word AIDS in public until 1987, by which time more than 20,000 Americans had died. The chronic under-funding of AIDS research was driven primarily by systemic homophobia. The President himself privately remarked, “Maybe the Lord brought down this plague [because] illicit sex is against the ten commandments.” 

References to homosexuality as a mental illness were not completely removed from the American Psychiatric Society’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Gay sex was a crime in most American states until 1989 (and in many until 2003).

Seventeen years ago, the year I graduated from high school, a classmate posted an anonymous open letter in my school’s paper saying that s/he was gay and found the homophobic language used by his/her classmates offensive. This is embarrassing to admit, but it had never occurred to me that constant use of the word “gay” in pejorative contexts would be offensive to someone I knew, because it never occurred to me that I knew any gay people.

And then for more than a decade, a long string of state constitutional amendments excluded LGBT people from legal marriage and the rights associated with it. It must have been very hurtful, to have voters in state after state after state decide to exclude you from the full rights and protections of citizenship in this country.

Well, change is coming. In 1986, the President thought AIDS was a scourge given to sinners. In 1995, I learned not to use the word “gay” as a pejorative adjective. And on Tuesday, a majority of voters in four very different states in very different parts of the country said NO to the hate, fear, bigotry, and exclusion that have shaped our policy on marital rights in this country.

I know that it’s still hard, that many LGBT people are threatened and bullied and dehumanized by their peers and denied rights by their governments. We have a long way to go. But the young anonymous gay person who wrote that open letter to my high school in 1995? She just oversaw a campaigns to bring marriage equality in Maine. 

And she’s married.

Well done Colorado

Me: 64 did pass if you haven't heard
Mom: Yes. I am outside smoking a doobie with dad now.



Playable electronic Tetris game cased inside a real pumpkin, with perforations and LEDs as pixels:

More about how and why it was but together at HaHa Bird:

One of my habits is to write down all the crazy, fleeting ideas I have, then go back to review later rather than judging right off the bat, or even worse, forgetting them.  Earlier in the month I was looking through that idea notepad and found “Make Tetris Pumpkins” from sometime last year. My original plan had been to make forms to shape pumpkins into Tetris pieces as they grew, then stack them together for Halloween. Since Halloween was only a few weeks away and it was too late to start growing pumpkins, I thought “Why not make a pumpkin you can play Tetris on instead?”

You can read more about how it was put together here

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What if money were no object?

Better to have a short life that is full of what you like doing, than to long life spent in a miserable way

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